Sunday, January 15, 2017

Who Can You Really Trust To Never Let You Down?

God Loves You
So many people let us down, family friends, bosses and our leaders. Who can you turn to? Who can you trust?

"But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him." Jeremiah 17:7.

We do not use the word blessed much these days, but it can be thought of as "Happy" or to be in a place of contentment. It can mean that you have God's favor.

This is the ultimate singular. The one is not someone who is looking at God and faith as an extension of a family, culture, a formal religion that is inherited, or someone who is observing traditions for social reasons. This one is an individual who himself has personally chosen to trust; he would say it is a "Me and God thing." It is personal in the sense of ownership but it is not secretive or hidden.

Trust is unwavering faith. Believing in someone and looking to them with hopeful expectation. It is based on knowing the person and knowing that they are trustworthy.

Your faith is only as good as the thing you trust in. If you trust in a statue then your faith is only as good as that statue. If you trust in a person then your faith is only as good as that person. To trust in the Lord is the most secure trust you can have. He is ever able to save and provide.

The title of Lord reminds us how God is the one who rules over all things. He is the ultimate authority and no one is higher in rank than he is As Lord of all he can command the stars and the seas the wind and flowers.  If you were to trust anyone there is no one better.

He is worthy of our trust, not only is the Lord the All-Powerful-One, he is one who never breaks His word and always keeps His promises found in the Bible. He is the Creator Father who loves you and sent his son to be our salvation by a sacrificial death.

Confidence here is like trust in action, it is to trust with experience, trust that has been tested, and is based on knowledge. If you do not know anything about someone it is almost impossible to trust them.

There is no one more worthy to put your trust in than The Lord. Express to him that you are trusting in him and that you are confident of his help. And whenever doubts occur reaffirm your trust in The Lord.$

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