Sunday, October 16, 2016

What is The Power of Wisdom in our Lives? Proverbs 24:3

God Loves You
We would all like to be wise but what would happen to us if we really were?

"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established." Proverbs 24:3.

Wisdom combines experience, knowledge, and good judgment; but more than that it is a gift from God and the result of diligently seeking it.

This reference can have multiple meanings. At first glance, you would think of a structure where a person lives as in a shelter and a place in a permanent community. Metaphorically it can refer to one's life, family and social standing. In both interpretations, several truths come to mind.

A house is built on a foundation, a basic support that secures and gives stability to the structure. It can refer to a life that extends beyond oneself, a life that touches others and has an effect for generations to come. A house can be a place of identity and being.

The effect of wisdom is intentional since it is actively building in a positive and desirable way.  We are all building a life and a legacy but not always with the counsel or guidance of wisdom.

Understanding does not just come it is the result of hard mental work. You need to think things trough. You need to get informed and educated. Understanding takes time and effort.

When something is established it is firmly set in place, it is ready and has an accepted place. It endures through difficulties and time. When our lives are established by wisdom and understanding they will be lives that others will respect and admire.

Wisdom and understanding are not something you can buy at a store or acquire in a classroom. These are unique things. The Bible teaches that the source of wisdom and understanding is God and He gives it to those who ask of him, James 1:5.

Seek wisdom from God and allow that wisdom to be your foundation then it will empower your works and your legacy will endure.

If you do not know God, who is the source of wisdom, and want to learn more about how to have a personal relationship with him then follow THIS LINK.

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