Sunday, April 2, 2017

Why Is It Important To Believe That God Lives Forever? Psalm 102:27

God Loves You
What does it mean that God lives forever and how is it important to me that He does?

"But you remain the same, and your years will never end." Psalm 102:27.

Who is this one we call God? He is the All-mighty, the Creator, the Lord Of All, He is the All-powerful-one, He is the one who saw us from the beginning of time and loved us.  He is God whom we can call on with confidence.

Something that remains is the thing that is left when all other things are taken away. If you took away all that was unimportant and all that was temporary you would be left with God.

God does not change. He must remain the same or else the hope of mankind for eternal redemption is lost.  If God could change then Satin, His enemy would be able to win and evil would triumph. If God changed then what is righteous and good today might be wicked tomorrow. His love for us today may be vindictive tomorrow.

If God was to change there would be a supposition that He may intentionally or inadvertently change His mind about his love for us. If God was to change perhaps His love for us if it remains though such a change, might be different and not gracious. But God does not change so His love for us will endure eternally.

Notice the scripture quoted above does not say days but years the longest measure of the celestial planet we live on. As the creator of time, God is outside of time and He is not bound by it.  He is eternal so there is no gradual slow change no maturing or decaying.

It is a great comfort that God does not change because we can count on Him to be the same loving God who sent His one and only Son to pay for our sins with his own death and blood. To think that God does not change from year to year or day to day reassures us that his love and grace toward us is the same, therefore we can always trust in God.

It is a comfort that God lives forever because if He did not then how could He give eternal life if He himself does not have it? Any type of salvation doctrine must begin with an all-powerful and eternal God.

This world will pass away but God will not and when we respond to His love and come to Him through the Gospel of His Christ then we are in Him who will live forever, therefore we can be assured of our own eternal life.

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