Thursday, April 14, 2016

What Have We Forgotten About Worship? Isaiah 12:5

God Loves You
Worship may be one of the most important things we do, yet we do not realize how much is implied in the simple act, or how many truths we are expressing. Could it be that worship is the very point of it all?

"Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world." Isaiah 12:5.

Singing is often thought of as a form of entertainment and an art form, but here it is an act of celebration. When you sing to someone you honor them, and are showing that you value them.  When you sing the national anthem of your country you are celebrating, honoring and declaring your relationship to your country.

God has done many wonderful and blessed things in each of our lives. He has given us life and a measure of health and a measure of prosperity. Without focusing on the past we want to remember that we are in debt to the past mercies and glories of God. We should reflect on the great things he has done for us each as individuals and as a community.

His greatest blessing is that he sent his only unique son to be the sacrifice for our sin and pay our debt before his holy justice.

The verse suggests that worship is a proactive act of proclaiming. We should not be silent, it is just wrong. God has done so much good for each of us we have a moral obligation to communicate to one another. For example, if we were publishing an article we would credit sources or if we were producing a movie we would list the names of all those who supported the project. How much more should we give God the credit that is His for what He has done in our lives?

This verse starts with a singular voice as if it was speaking to an individual, (the command to sing), and we experience scripture speaking to us individually because it is living, but the verse moves to a sense of the plurality in declaring to the world the deeds of the Lord.

First, we are singing to the Lord, then we are giving testimony to those around us. His greatness, grace, and mercy are worthy of telling to the nations. He is worthy of global praise.

Many faiths are obedient to the command to spread the Good News to the nations. Of course, we want to spread His kingdom and see souls rescued from the bondage and judgment of sin. Part of spreading the kingdom is spreading the worship.

Let us all follow that model of giving God private personal worship personally and then faithfully declaring to others his glorious deeds.

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