Saturday, April 23, 2016

Is There Any Reason To Trust God? Malachi 3:6

God Loves You
We have trouble with the idea that God does not change because we see and experience change on every level in our world and lives.  If everything changes does God change too?  If He changes can we be confident in the goodness of The Almighty tomorrow as we are today?

"I the LORD do not change. So you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed." Malachi 3:6.

Here is a simple reminder of who He is.  He is not only the one who created the universe out of nothing but he is also the one who by that same power has authority to rule and even condemn.  As the Author-of-all, He is also the owner of all.

Things change for different reasons.  They change because they grow, or age, or learn, or are subject to external forces greater than they are.   But none of these things apply to the Almighty.  He does not grow since God is already complete.  He does not age since He is eternal.  He does not need to learn because He is All-knowing.  He is not subject to external forces greater than He is since God is the Almighty and as the Creator of all things nothing is greater than Him.  Nothing that causes change applies to God.

God has declared that He does not change so we have a promise based on His holy character that He will not change.  If it is a matter of choice the decision is made and God has decided not to change.

Our understanding about God may change but the way He was yesterday is the way He is today and the way He will be tomorrow.

The verse and passage were addressed to a people and a time but it may easily apply to all people and all time since the point is not the audience but the author. It is about God.

The faithful today can identify themselves with the promises to Jacob.

It is not because we are so noble and virtuous that we are not destroyed but because of the faithfulness of God.  He is faithful to Himself so He does not change. He is faithful to His promise.

God is Good, loving and gracious.  He always has been and He always will be. Because He never changes and is holy we can trust His promises in the Bible where He offers eternal life, blessing and goodness to those who receive him.

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