Wednesday, May 11, 2016

When Is It A Bad Idea To Read The Bible?

God Loves You
We know we should read the Bible every day, and most people of the Christian Faith try to read through it once a year.  We think it is a good thing to do and without a doubt, it is but is there a time when it is a bad idea to read the Bible?

"But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." James 1:22.

The context of James 1:22 is in a passage where the Apostle James tells the followers of Christ to live holy lives. He says that we must not listen to God's word and then not do it because we will become self-deceived. He concludes with an example of a simpleton who looks at a mirror and forgets what he saw.

Of course, not everyone who reads the Bible is a doer of the Bible.
A doer of the Bible is
     * A person who is obedient to its teaching.
     * A person who observes the commands.
     * A person who intends to do what it says.
     * A person who applies it to his life.

The unique name for the scriptures illustrates its purpose. It is The Word, an expression and communication of The Creator to the ones he created. The Word of God is a gift and a responsibility. Our Heavenly Father has a message for each of us and it is in the pages of the Word He gave us.

For a person with healthy average hearing to hear something is effortless under normal circumstances. The idea is not just the audible reception of the scripture; it could be a matter of studying or reading the Word of God. It might even be advanced study such as attending a seminar, camp or classes at a renowned seminary.

Only is defined as a lesser, a part of a task, it is something that is left undone, neglected or overlooked. If you have only read or heard the scripture you have done the lesser part, there is more. The greater part is the obedience to The Lord's instructions and commands.

A deception is essentially a lie. We deceive ourselves without knowing it. We do it when we tell ourselves that we are going to do one thing but really have no intention to do so. We do it when we refuse to see the truth about ourselves.

To deceive yourself is the worst deception. It goes on and reproduces itself in millions of thoughts and actions.

Jesus claimed to be the "Way the Truth and the Life," John 14:6, and if we are his followers we should be characterized by truth in our actions and thoughts.

James 1 continues to say that anyone who hears God's Word and does it he will be blessed. You are not blessed by just hearing or reading the scripture- your blessing comes from doing what it says.

Read God's Word and read it every day. It is living and active, Hebrews 4:12, it will slowly change you if you do so, but read it with an attitude of willing obedience because to read it and not obey it is self-deception.

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