Sunday, March 13, 2016

Where Can We Turn For Strength?

God Loves You
Sometimes we are so worn out by loss and grief that we just do not have the strength to go on.  Where can we turn to for strength to carry on?

"My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word." Psalm 119:28.

We are creatures of body, spirit, and soul. The soul is often referred to in a poetic way to describe the deepest truest part of a person. It is the part that is thought to be eternal and most essential. The writer of this verse is speaking of his deepest feelings.

Weary is more than being tired after a day of work. It is the bone-deep exhaustion that comes after constant use of your energy and strength. It is the results of sustained struggle.

Sorrow is not just sadness but grief.  We may be sad but this sadness is far more.

The prayer of this verse begins with the need of the petitioner. The request is not to escape but to be strong and to endure. It is not to avoid the sorrow but to be able to thrive through it. He asks God to prop him up and to give the ability to stay the course.

The Bible is full of promises from God to his children that offer hope, blessing and encouragement in times of struggle and sorrow, the verse does not reference anyone promise in particular, but the totality of scripture.

The psalmist speaks as if he is confident. There is no doubt in his mind that if he calls God to honor his word there will be grace and blessing.

It is the word of:
     * The One who never breaks His word,
     * The One who is holy.
     * The One who is all-powerful.
     * The One who is all powerful.
     * The One who never lies.

We can take this verse as an example. We can ask for the enduring strength of the almighty loving father with confidence that is He is willing and able to give strength.

We must learn His Word, the Bible, and study it to know the many promises it has for each of us. Take time to read the Bible and to look for the comfort it can bring as God speaks to you through it.

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