Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Handle Fear. Psalm 56:3

God Loves You
We all have times when we are afraid. Fear comes in many forms and is caused by many sources.  When it comes what can we do? The Bible offers hope:

"When I am afraid I put my trust in you." Psalm 56:3, NIV*.

Fear, encouragement from Psalm 56:3
This quote is from a psalm written by King David when he was captured by the Philistines. He expected torturous death for himself and his followers.

Sometimes we are captured by our enemies. They may be the enemies of debt, solitude, failure, loss, humiliation, or something much worse.

We may puzzle why God allows these dreadful events in our lives. Perhaps it is so...

     * We will grow through the challenges.
     * Or we will see life differently.
     * Or so we will have compassion on others that experience similar struggles.
     * Or, as in the case of Job, a test to justify God.
     * Or so we can have an opportunity to trust God.

The verse above expresses how one man, David, handled fear. Though David was a warrior and experienced hand to hand combat he acknowledges that he had fear for he says, "When I am afraid," not "if I become afraid."  He resolved to trust God. He made a decision to trust.  He didn't run from it and he didn't fight it. He reasoned that God is worthy of trust.

     * God is greater than the problem.
     * God is more powerful.
     * God is all knowing.
     * God is all loving.
     * God is just and fair.
     * God rewards those who trust in him.
     * God is good and does good.

There is an action in this verse. David is not just contemplating positive thoughts- he "puts his trust..." The act of trust in God is personal and we each must decide to trust in God since God is the creator of relationships how we each experience him may be unique based on our relationship with him.

For some trust is best expressed in a prayer where one tells God they are putting trust in him for the circumstances. For others, it may be a resolution that God is good no matter what and to move ahead in a situation. For others, it is a moment by moment refreshing of the truth that God is in charge for our good and to not react in fear. For some, it is to resolve to be faithful to God no matter what.

Whatever God allows in our lives is for our good and he is worthy of our trust.

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