Sunday, September 16, 2012

How To Be a Person Who Does Good Things. Philippians 1:11.

God Loves You
We want to do good things in with our lives we want to be charitable, kind, thoughtful, loving and more. How do we get these wonderful qualities?

"Filled with the fruit of righteousness which comes through Jesus Christ- to the glory and praise God." Philippians 1:11 NIV.

Righteousness is more than just being declared innocent of crime; it is to be declared pure and holy before God who demands purity and holiness for acceptance. He himself is pure and holy and to demand less would compromise his holiness making him guilty and not worthy to rule or judge.

The fruit of righteousness comes from having righteousness.

Righteousness is so lofty a state that man can never obtain it. Righteousness before a holy God would require holy righteousness, pure and without any corruption, stain, sin or blemish. Who could claim that? Paul believed the people in the church could have this fruit and so he prayed for the church in Philippi to have this fruit to the full.

Righteousness is a gift given by God the Father. It comes not by our efforts or merits but by Jesus Christ. None of our efforts or combination of efforts will earn righteousness.

Righteousness comes through Jesus Christ. He is the source of our righteousness. He was righteous himself, that is he was without sin. None who encountered him found sin in his actions, words, or life. Even the Roman Judge said, "I find no guilt in him." (John 18:38). Since Jesus had no sin of his own to die for he gave his life to pay for our sins as a substitution, this makes righteousness available for us. We receive the righteousness he offers as a gift, and we receive it by faith.

When we have this righteousness through Jesus we will then have the works of Jesus coming through us. The love Jesus had for others will fill us and we will love others. The gentleness and kindness of Jesus will be ours. The beautiful life he lived will be the life we live.

Righteousness and the fruit of Righteousness are not for our self-promotion but for the glory and praise of God. He gave us rightness standing before him; he gives the fruit and the blessings that accompany it.  It is right that he gets the glory and the right thing to do is to praise him.

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