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Does Following The Bible Do Any Good? Luke 6:47

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We know what the Bible says a lot of good things but does it really make any difference in our lives? Jesus thought so and explained it in Luke 6:47.

"I will show what he is like who hears my words and puts them into practice. He is like a man building a house who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock.  When the flood came the torrent struck the house but could not shake it because it was well built." Luke 6:47, NIV.

Jesus gives us a picture in words that teach more than is on the surface.

The Bible
We must be like the person in the illustration who hears the word and puts it into practice. Weather hearing or reading the effect is the same.  There is much nose in the world around us that drowns out the Word of God; we must filter out the background racket and hear God's Word. An easy way is to spend time daily quietly reading the Bible in an attentive and reflective manner or to participate in a Bible teaching community. Our need is to hear God's Word; we must listen to it, and this requires effort.

There are many philosophies, creeds, and religions, but Jesus did not encourage any of them. He did not even direct his audience, and subsequently us, to find some way or higher teaching of his Hebrew heritage. He did not say all paths lead to salvation or that one teaching was no better or worse than any other. He did say his teaching was the ultimate word which would shelter us in the storm of judgment.

Hearing God's word is not enough; we need to put it into our lives via daily practice. We must hear God's word with intent. A concert pianist must practice many hours a day to achieve the level of ability he needs just so we must daily practice obeying God's word. Practice is not a casual fumbling about with God but diligent, dedicated, repetitive, concentration on the discipline being practiced- in this case, God's truth in our lives.

Why did Jesus use the metaphor of Flood and not earthquake, or storm, or hurricane? In the minds of the first century Hebrew living in a desert region, a reference to flood has a connection to the Flood of Noah and the judgment of God upon mankind. So Jesus puts the picture of keeping and practicing his teaching in the context of surviving the judgment of God.

For us today keeping God's Word is no less critical to our lives and eternal blessing than Noah's obedience meant for the salvation of mankind, we each must hear God's word and obey it.

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