Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where Is Hope In Sorrow? Psalm 30: 4, 5.

God Loves You
So many times we feel despair, loss, rejection, and disappointment when we desperately search for hope and relief.  Where can we find comfort for our souls and healing for our hearts?

“Sing to the Lord, you saints of his; praise his holy name. For his anger last only a moment, but his favor last a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Psalms 30: 4, 5.

This pair of verses should lift you up.  First, it encourages you to get your eyes off of yourself and look at the Lord.  You need to remember life is not all about you, but the Lord, it is about knowing Him, serving Him and loving Him.  You need to remember to focus on God and worship Him, to sing His praises, not your woes.  You will find it brings healing to your heart and spirit when you sing and worship the Lord.

The Bible teaches much about God’s loving nature but it also teaches about His anger.  The Lord is holy and His anger is holy too, He is not capricious or angry out of malice, but his anger is guided by His justice.  Our sin and disobedience may move us into the place where God’s just anger is focused, but this verse promises that His, "anger last only a moment;" you may have to endure the consequences of your sin for a long time but you can be assured of an immediate return to the joy of His love upon confession and repentance.

His favor, like grace, is goodness given to us when we did not deserve it.  He longs to have a relationship based on His favor, not his anger.

Our Heavenly Father is committed to you, His child, and He has given you blessings and favor.  Take time to consider His blessings; one thing is clear- the favor trumps the anger, and to the believer it outlasts his anger.  God does not desire to leave us in the night of sorrow.  He sent His son, Jesus, " give us life and life to the full" (John 10:10).

You may have nights of weeping, where you feel you have nothing left but tears.  You may feel that your sorrow will remain forever, but the sun does rise and there is an end to it. The promise of this verse is that "Rejoicing will come in the morning." The imagery of night and morning tells us that there is a timetable with the Almighty- a time where sadness will end, a time set by Our Father for the tears to end and the laughter to begin.

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