Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why is the Bible so dull to me? Jeremiah 15:16

God Loves You
The Bible should be a Christian’s joy and heart's delight. Why isn't it?

“When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, O Lord God almighty.” Jeremiah 15:16, NIV.

The prophet Jeremiah had a hard time.  The prophecies God gave him were dire and difficult, and many times the word that came to him was bad news for the nation.  Yet he says, “When your words came I ate them,” though the “word” was difficult, hard, and condemning he treasured it.

The word of God does not come to us like it did for him, but we have the Bible as God’s complete Word.

Who can say that when God speaks to them through the Bible that they eat it?  The prophet says, “I ate them,” he consumed it; it was nourishment for him.  The Bible is spiritual so it nourishes your soul.  You need to absorb as much of it as possible to stay fit spiritually.

To eat the Word is to give it time and effort. When something is a “joy and a heart’s delight” it is something you like thinking about all the time.

We should
  • Give God’s Word a selected time every day.
  • Take ample time to spend in the word.
  • Value the scriptures.
  • Repent of sins that deafen you to the Word.
  • Resolve to obey the instructions of the Bible.
  • Allow the Bible to do get into you- have an effect.
  • Meditate on the Word of the Lord.

The reason was that the word was his joy and heart’s delight is that he bears the Lord’s name.  He carried the name of the Lord before the people and stood up for God's interest.  When the Word came to him, no matter what its content was, it was blessing to him since he was serving God.  He loves the Lord, therefore, he loves the words that come from the Almighty.  Without the Word of God, he could not bear the name.

The Word stops being a blessing when you fail to bear the name of the Lord before your community and friends.  When you stand for the Lord His Word becomes effective in your life and becomes sweeter.  Service to the Father and the Word go hand in hand, you cannot be blessed in one without the other.

Think of it as obedience.  If you are not obeying His Word you will not be blessed by His Word.

May you be blessed as you resolve to obey God's word and to  bear the name of the Lord before men.

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