Does God Hear The Prayer Of The Heart

Sometimes we pray aloud, maybe in church or a formal setting, and sometimes we have to pray silently in our heart; does God hear the silent prayer, does he honor it as much as public prayer?

"Before he had finished praying, Rebecca came out with her jar on her shoulder. She was the daughter of Bethuel, son of Milcah who was the wife of Abraham's Brother Nahor." Genesis 24:15. "Before I finished praying in my heart Rebecca came out with her jar on her shoulder..." Genesis 24:45.

Abraham told his servant to go the land of his relatives and bring back a wife for his son Isaac. The servant arrived at the town where he waited by the well and prayed for God to show him by a specific test who was the one he should bring back. While he was still praying the answer literally walked up to him.

Only a real friend knows your heart and God is more attentive than any friend he searches your most deep thoughts. He knows your history and what brought you to this point. Your heart has no secrets from him.

God gives us free will and will not violate that, so he does not force answers to the prayers we have not prayed. He is waiting for our declaration of faith by our request.

It was a prayer of faith. The servant had learned faith from Abraham. Perhaps he saw faith in action through Abraham's great struggles or the servant watched it in his master's daily life. It was a simple faith and God honored it immediately.  

God knows the thoughts of your heart; he knows your fears and your feelings. It is logical that he hears the prayer we pray in silence without uttering a word out loud.

If you pray out loud or silently you can pray confidently, God listens to what is in our hearts as much as what comes out of our mouths.

(c)Adron Dozat

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* To read Genesis 24 in it's entirety follow this link to Bible Gateway.

Where can I Find Peace Of Mind?

We have troubles and worries that follow us like hungry wolves lurking to slaughter any joy. Where can we find peace for our mind?

"You will keep him in perfect peace him whose mind is stayed on you, because he trust in you." Isaiah 26:3

God promises not just peace but perfect peace. If it is perfect it will be complete and cover all areas, it will override all issues. It will be much bigger than all of our worries.

This is not positive thinking but disciplined thinking. When worries nibble at the edges of our thoughts we must not allow their pestering to entangle our minds. Instead we must bring our thoughts back to The Almighty.

We may find a measure of peace in a beautiful sunset over tranquil seas, a lover's embrace, or other experiences, but these are temporary and subject to circumstances. When we keep our thoughts regularly on the Lord God Almighty we will experience His peace.

When you meditate on God frequently and learn about Him in His Word, the Bible, you will discover how much you can trust Him. There is no one higher than the Creator of the Universe and if you have a relationship with Him established on trusting in His promises from His Word then what is there to worry about?  The world may still fall apart around you but you will have a peace that will make others wonder.

Keep your mind on the Lord: make it a habit to set your mind on God by reading His Word, prayer, and being in his presence- you will learn to trust Him and you will experience perfect peace.

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Finding Permanence In Life. Hebrews 12:28

Our world is full of the temporary where things come and go quickly, culture, friends, fashion, governments, and wealth. Where is something that is permanent?

"Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe." Hebrews 12:28.

This is a confident pair of words. Not "we hope" or "we wish" but it is firmly established as a fact that this is happening.

Another word of affirmation, it is a present tense as in it is happening now. Receiving suggest that it comes from somewhere else, as when something that is given by another. We are on the receiving end of God's gift of salvation through faith in Jesus. It is not something we make ourselves but we must trust in the one who gives it.

A kingdom that cannot be shaken has never been seen in human history but this kingdom is not human- it is God's. We are put in a place that cannot be torn down or threatened.

God has given us status in His kingdom: it is right and morally imperative that we be thankful.

Worship is the fruit of thankfulness, for it is the logical extension. Thanks may come from the mind but worship comes from deeper within us. Our heart and soul begins to react to what we are saying in our mind and worship comes out.

Worship should be done with reverence, awe, and even fear. We have much to be thankful for but the greatest is that we have the person of the Almighty to be thankful to. We must not only think about the wondrous blessings He has given us in Christ we must remember he is the High and Holy One whom angels obey.

The world around us will change but God's love will not and the eternal life he gives in Christ will never be taken or lost. Let us give worship in word and deed for the wondrous blessing we have in Christ.

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(c) Adron

Are My Problems Too Big For God? Romans 8:31

Sometimes we feel the whole world is against us and there is nowhere to turn.

"What shall we say then in response to all these things. If God is for us who can be against us?" Romans 8:31.

The reference is to the things God has done, is doing, and will do for us who believe. (Click here to read Romans 8 for context). The passage says, among other things, that...

     * We are freed from condemnation, (verse 1).
     * We are freed from sin and death, (2).
     * He gives us the Holy Spirit, (9).
     * Christ lives in us, (10).
     * God gives us sonship, (15).
     * God gives us inheritance with Christ, (17).
     * He will reveal glory in us, (18).
     * God makes us the first fruits of the Spirit, (23).
     * The Spirit helps us in weaknesses and in prayer, (26).
     * We are predestined, called, justified, and glorified, (30).

Whatever problem you have God has already dealt with the biggest problem you will ever have- He sent his son to die to take your place in judgment and pay for your sin. Then after doing that he gives everything else he can give.

He has given those of us who believe a place and purpose in His Kingdom that is far greater than our place in this world.  We may feel like second class losers here but the Lord has made us first citizens of His Kingdom, we are holy, royal, and heirs.

Considering all the Almighty has done for us if we have any need it is the smaller issue; since God has resolved the greatest most eternal problem we can be confident He is able and willing meet the smaller ones we face every day.

(c) Adron Dozat

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