Saturday, September 20, 2014

Are There Super Christians Who Are Perfect? Luke 22:24

Are there super Christians who live perfect lives? If so how do I get to be one?

"A dispute also arose among them as to which of them was considered the greatest." Luke 22:24

A dispute is an argument. In an argument you want to win, you want to be right, or at least more right than the others.

It was the last supper and a fight broke out among Jesus's closest followers, the disciples. Doubtless it was just a lot of hot words and people throwing their opinions around but it was worth recording in Holy Scripture. It is a moment of shame in the lives of the disciples and is preserved in God's Word as a lesson to us.

They may have been about to sit at the table and no doubt the question of who was to sit closest to the Lord began the dispute.

It takes more than one person to make a dispute, you need at least another. This controversy arose among them suggesting that there were more than two but quite a few were quarreling.

It became obvious that they had ambitions for personal gain. In the life of a Christian ambition is deadly and without being curbed by the Holy Spirit it always leads to destruction. Even in as close quarters as the last supper we find Satan active exploiting the weakness of the disciples.

They had been with Jesus for three years and they still got things wrong about his purpose. Jesus came as an example of selfless servant-hood and sacrifice willing to give his life to bear man's sin, but they missed his point.

If the disciples of the Lord even after three years of intimate contact with him could quarrel on the eve of his self-sacrifice for mankind's sin then we are all vulnerable to falling into disgrace.

We need to be careful and be vigilant in prayer. We are all capable of any sin and if we try to live the Christ life on our own we will fail. We must remember to be humble before our God and receive by faith the victory over our inner sins.

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