Monday, January 27, 2014

What Kind Of Person Gets Wisdom? 1 Kings 3:9

Is there a special type of person who gets to be wise?

"So Give your servant an understanding heart so that I can govern this people and to distinguish between right and wrong for who is able to govern this, your great people?"  1 Kings 3:9.

The quote is from the Bible where King Solomon responds to God in a dream in which God says "Ask of me whatever you want." Solomon asks for understanding and discernment.

Solomon was humble, though he was king of Israel at its peak of prosperity and power he referred to himself as servant. Even though he had riches and power and the allegiance of a nation at his disposal he approaches God humbly.

Solomon was aware of his need; he makes a case saying that understanding is critical for governing the people of Israel.

He saw the people and nation as God's not his. He saw himself as a steward of God's people.

King Solomon needed wisdom, understanding and discernment for the big task of governing God's people, it was a simpler time but his need was great. Today we need wisdom as much as he did. Our world is such a complicated place and the battle between good and evil rages as never before.

Wisdom eludes us, we look for it and try to educate it into ourselves but still find it missing. Here we see that wisdom comes from God and is granted as his gift.

Solomon's wisdom began with an encounter with God and a prayer. Like Solomon we should seek God and ask for wisdom- he promises to give it, (James 1:5).
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