Thursday, January 23, 2014

When Will We Be Free From Sin? Romans 6:18

God Loves You
People of faith know we should do right but we keep on doing wrong. Is there no hope to live a righteous life?

"You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness." Romans 6:18
Sin's Chains Have Been Broken

These words are past tense. As far as God is concerned sin is a done deal- the blood of Jesus paid for it and the resurrection proves its power is broken. When we receive Jesus as Lord and Savor we are part of something that has happened. We do not sit around hoping it will come but we have already been set free.

This "set free" is something that is established. No longer do we have to obey sin and we are no longer bound by its chains. We are free from the greatest slave master ever.

We cannot make ourselves free but are set free by another. When we come to God through the work of Jesus on our behalf when He died to pay for our sins we are given a new life of freedom from the power and judgment of sin.

This "have become" is another fact expressed in the past tense of certainty. Our experience may be in varying degrees but we are moving forward to greater freedom as we grow in Christ.

Gratitude and love compel us to serve because of what God did for us when Jesus died to pay for our sins. His death broke the power of sin and in his death, we are now able to do the right things we were unable to do outside of Christ.

In our former lives, we could not help but obey sin. But now we may claim the promise that we have been set free from sin and be obedient to God.

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