Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How Should Christians Behave Toward Those Who Oppose The Gospel?

God Loves You
Our world is in such a mess and the morals of our society are getting worse all the time. How should we act toward those who are against God's message of love and even want to do away with the things Christians cherish? The Bible gives direction in Titus 6:2

"To slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and always be gentle toward everyone." Titus 3:2.  

These words were written by the apostle Paul during in the days of Roman persecution.

In ancient times and in places today people of faith were and are persecuted. There is a temptation to decry those who persecute others for their beliefs. It would have been easy for the faithful under Roman oppression to speak against the rulers who oppressed them. It is just as easy to look at our leaders today and say bad things about the people who are shaping our society.

Paul the apostle said do not slander or speak evil of those leaders even if they are oppressors. We should not speak ill of our leaders even if they are enacting laws that we feel are wrong.

Our Lord Jesus came with a gospel of peace between God and Man and a message of brotherly love: it is redundant to say we should be peaceable, but unfortunately, we need the reminder. The believers under Rome were victims of grievous wrongs but they were not to seek revenge and were to leave justice to the Almighty One.

Jesus said as much when on the sermon on the mount taught that if someone were to strike you on one cheek to turn the other for them to strike it too, (Matthew 5:39).

To be considerate is to put another's interest ahead of your own; it is to see someone else's point of view and to understand their need or pain. It is brother to compassion. We are to walk in the way of Jesus who was compassionate. He was aware of people's pain and weaknesses and was thoughtful of them. He did not condemn but understood and acted for them

"Gentle toward everyone" is a broad statement that leaves no one out. We are to be gentle to our friends and brothers in faith but we also should be gentle to those who hate Jesus and do not believe in God. We are to be gentle to the people who oppose the message of God's love.

Where does one get the power to live in such a gracious manner in this wicked world? It comes from having Jesus living his life in you.  To learn more about how to have Jesus in your life see my other blog.

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