Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How To Pray To God in Times Of Trouble.

God Loves You
The prophet Jeremiah was in trouble, in prison and facing death. What words did God have for him? Would they be the same thoughts for us in our problems today?

"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you did not know." Jeremiah 33:3

God is waiting for us to call to Him. To call to Him is not just a little grace prayer at mealtime but to pray earnestly with desperation as if we were calling out loud enough for heaven to hear us. The way someone would call out if they had fallen down in a well, they would call as loud as they could so anyone passing by would reach down and lift them out; that is what it is to call out in prayer. This is prayer as few experience it- but it is prayer as we all should experience it.

The Lord is not ignorant because as the All Knowing God he knows our situation; but we need to pray, prayer is for us not for Him. We need to express these dark thoughts and fears to the God of light and love. He has bound himself by the principle of prayer and waits for us to act on it so He will act.

What can we expect of The Almighty if we call to Him? We are told one of the things is that God will do is to reveal great and unsearchable things. He will open our minds to truths we would not be able to discern otherwise. He will let us in on his plans. We may begin to understand the Bible or have a perceptive on our troubles that lifts us up onto a higher ground above the troubles.

There is much going on in our lives that we are in the dark about. Much happens beyond our field of view. We are living in a world that is ruled by ungodly powers and The Lord is in conflict over the kingdom of men's hearts.

Jeremiah was the only one in tune with God in his day, but even he was blind to the plans and activities of God. God told him he needed to pray to see. It is no different today, even with our technology and social development we still need to pray, indeed more than ever.

We all have dark problems in our lives but God is Lord of all and will give us insight into them if we pray.

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