Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where Can I Find Strength To Face This?

God Loves You
I hope this short post gives comfort, hope, and encouragement, as it points you to a source of strength as we find purpose in our struggles.


We face a test or challenge, it is daunting like a high mountain we must climb, but we feel weak, unprepared, and too small. Where can we get help?

"It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he causes me to stand on the heights." Psalm 18:32-33, NIV.

This verse was written by the warrior poet, David, thousands of years ago; seasoned by battle he knew what he was talking about.

David acknowledges God as the one who provides. These two verses have three references to God.  They progress and build on each other.

     * God who arms...strength.
     * God makes... feet secure.
     * God causes... stand.

God provides the victory, therefore, God is the victory.

God gives him equipment for the battle but the equipment is not a sharper sword or longer spear but strength. This is open ended since the verse does not specify if it is a physical, spiritual, or emotional strength, but that makes it limitless- God can give whatever strength you need.

God was his protector and gave him security in his way. He can make our physical way secure from attack and harm.

There are other forms of security. In every difficulty there are choices. God gave David security in his choices. God makes the way clear and without compromise so the victory is honest and upright.

The deer of that land were adept at climbing the rocky mountains in search of food and shelter. They were nimble, sure-footed, they would not stumble or fall, and they dominated the mountains. God can give the perfect provision that is completely suited to your need.

This is the one who has overcome and is standing on the top. This speaks of victory and accomplishment. From the heights were security, domination, and rule. Those below had to look up to see him standing there. Standing is a picture of confidence and status.

The heights were a picture of worship. God makes us stand on the heights of worship because he is gracious not because we climbed the mountain; His son climbed a hill carrying a cross to die to pay for our sins so we can stand before him on the heights.

Whatever mountain you face God can give you strength and stand you on top in the victory.

If you have not come to God through the gift of salvation and want to learn more follow this link, click here.


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