Sunday, March 24, 2013

How Does The Bible Help My Fear? Psalm 27:1

We are often beset with worry and fear. Sometimes it is about our future, our loved ones, our personal well-being or just chronic worry. Fear can overshadow everything in our life. It can cripple us and keep us from living the kind of life we want to live. What can we do about it?

"The Lord is my Light and my salvation. Of whom should I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life- of whom shall I be afraid?" Psalm 27:1, NIV.

First, consider the Lord. He is the all-powerful creator of the universe. He rules creation and has the ability to command events from the greatest storm to the smallest insect. The Lord is our creator who loves and knows us. He is the one who sent his son to die to pay for our sins- this is a loving God and a powerful father.

That God is our light should be comforting to us because He is all-seeing and all-knowing, not only that, it is the fact that the one who is all-seeing and all-knowing is on our side. Light reveals the phantoms of darkness to be nothing. Evil seeks shelter in darkness for the Bible says "men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil,*" but light robs evil of its support, light even chases away evil.

He is our salvation, not we ourselves. We may be helpless to fix many of the problems that come into our lives; and the biggest one, our sin, is beyond repair. But God is salvation, and not us. We need not rely on our weak efforts and lack of ability. He is able, He is willing, He is our salvation.

A stronghold by definition is a safe and secure place. It is the highest quality of fortress, not a tent but a bombproof ironclad citadel. It is the place no enemy can ever get into, it withstands all the efforts of the foe.

Of whom is a question without an answer since God has no equal. If The All-powerful Ruler is your indestructible fortress there is no one who you need to fear.

We spend much time thinking about the little things that will cause pain and problems. Let us turn our focus on God not these lesser things

To say God is our salvation is a faith statement. We do not have salvation by osmosis, it is a gift God gives to those willing to receive it. To learn more about finding salvation read my other blog,  follow this link: Click Here.

*John 3:19

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