Saturday, November 10, 2012

What Does God Want In Our Prayers? Psalm 62:8

Often our prayers are unsatisfying to ourselves and we wonder if they please God. We need more than answered petitions; we sense there is an intimacy with God available but it is somewhere beyond our reach.

"Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge." Psalm 62: 8. NIV.*

Of course we should trust in him, but what does it meant "at all times?" We trust Him for the gift of salvation, when we put our soul in his hands once and for all; but at all times suggest an everyday practice of trust, we must trust God today for our need. There is no vacation when it comes to trusting God. We may have had a recent victory, or miracle, but we don't put trust on the shelf for the next upcoming event. We must trust him in good times, bad times and the boring every day times.

To "pour out your hearts to him," is a picture of a container being emptied of its contents, like a can that is tipped over and what is inside dumps out without control. Often our prayers are "Quickies" where we list our needs, and then trot off. There is nothing wrong with quickies, but God longs for us to go deeper; we need to tell him ALL ABOUT IT. We might say, "God, I need a new job," but instead we should pray, "God, I have trouble at work, I haven't gotten advancement though others have, I feel belittled, I feel trapped, my family is stressed out with bills, I feel like a failure, that I am wasting my gifts here. I wanted to do something more creative..." etc. in other words, empty your heart, or, dump it all out.

We tell God the details, not just the big facts, we tell God what we are feeling and why, not because he doesn't know but because we need to say it, and he blesses intimacy with him. This takes time, time away from TV and Hobbies. This could change one's walk with God; it will change of our view of God, and change in our heart.

A refuge is a place of safety in times of danger. When we trust God we begin to experience him and we find that he is a refuge. He accepts our broken dreams and heartaches, our disappointments, and failures. We can hide our heart in God, and trust Him with all our feelings; we know He is gentle and caring, patient and understanding with our heart.

Whatever frustrations, trials, or hurts you have may you find refuge in pouring out your heart to God.

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