Friday, August 3, 2012

Empty Life and How To Cope. Psalm 81:10

What can you do when your life is so empty that emptiness is so huge that it has filled your whole world until you are forever under its shadow?

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it." Psalm 81:10 NIV.

To ancient people He was the "Lord your God," and God is saying to us to us today "I am the the Lord your God". Our attitude should be, "The Lord is my Lord, not just the Lord of the universe, but the Lord of me."  It is easy to see God as the Lord of the universe but hard to realize Him as our Lord. We must make Him our personal Lord, and choose God as our personal God. We must reject other gods, be they gods of wealth, success, romance, fulfillment or other ends.

Empty Life and How to Cope
God declares ownership, He is the one who brought them (Israel) out of Egypt, so He is their God by virtue of deliverance, He has the right to claim them. We, who are born again were delivered from the kingdom of sin through the death of his Son on the cross. He bought and earned our allegiance.

When challenged by the desperate needs of today remember what God has done in times past. He did great miracles to free Israel from Egypt and he is the same today. Consider the wonderful redemption that we have in Christ; he overcame sin, judgment, death, the grave, defeated Satan, and redeemed mankind all in the same hour- after that what can be is too big for Him? If God can rescue us from hell then a broken marriage is nothing to Him, or a bankruptcy, a job loss, or the deep grief of bereavement. He is able to rescue. No problem is bigger than what he already has done for us in Christ.

All that is good and all blessing starts with God, He only waits for an expression of faith. He says as a promise, "open wide your mouth and I will fill it." The picture of this promise is a demonstration of your faith to Him and those around you by an expression of being ready to receive. The promise uses a metaphor of the open mouth, we don't sit around with our mouths open but we say to God we believe Him to fill up our need. We find some practical expression that we trust Him to fill our need.

We think that we must fulfill some duty or work for the blessing but God through this verse says, "I will fill it," He is the one who does the filling- not us. No matter how deep your hunger or how empty your resources the Lord our God can fill your need.

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