Friday, August 3, 2012

Can We Grow In Grace? 2 Peter 3:18

Can Christians grow in grace? We are admonished in scripture to grow, but what is it, and how do we grow in grace.

"But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." 2 Peter 3:18, NIV*.

Living things grow, if we do not grow something is wrong. We may complete our physical growth but we should continue to grow mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually.

Growing involves changing. If there is no change there is no growth. Growing implies maturity and coming to the fulfillment of the purpose of the one growing: growing also implies the process of leaving the immature behind.

It must be possible to grow in grace or else the Apostle would not have finished his epistle with such a statement. Here we are instructed to grow in grace not as if was something that just happens but something that we must pay attention to do.

There are a few things we must do to grow in spiritual maturity.
      *     We must read God's word the Bible daily.
      *     We must spend time in prayer.
      *     We must participate in a community of believers.
      *     We must express our faith in service.
      *     We must share our faith.

Salvation is by God's grace we often say we "are saved by grace." To grow in grace could not mean get more salvation, but it is the other part of salvation: it is the fruit of salvation that grows out of obedience with the attitude of faith that leads to becoming more like Christ.

Grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savor go hand in hand. They are mutually inclusive: you can't really have one without the other.

We can know facts about Jesus from the Bible or history and books, but we must know Jesus in a personal way. Our knowledge of Jesus should be a growing knowledge. We should be growing not only in knowing about Jesus and his life, teaching, work, and who he is, but we should by faith be growing in our personal experience of Jesus.

Knowing Jesus should lead us to knowing him as Lord. As we grow in knowing him more we will be obeying him more fully. We can't honestly call Jesus Lord and not do the things he commands.

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* To read this vers in other translations follow this link: Online Parallel Bible.

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