Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What Puts God in Your Debt? Proverbs 19:17

God Loves You
What if you could do something that would put God in your debt, or earn God's gratitude?

"He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord. He will repay him for what he has done." Proverbs 19:17.

God is all loving. He loves people great and little, wise and foolish. If God loves people and you are kind to people, (who God loves), then you are doing something kind to God.  God is the Creator and Father of us all, so if you are kind to a person He created you show kindness to God.  If a child is in trouble and someone helps the child the parents are extremely grateful.  Apply this to the verse above; we are all God's children, if we are kind to the ones who are less fortunate the Father, Creator and Lord will appreciate it- even be grateful.

In the entire universe only human beings have the opportunity to show kindness to those God loves, only human beings may lend to the Lord in this way.

God does not need our charity; He is not in trouble and looking for a hand out. I t grieves us to see misfortune come, and hard to understand why God allows it; but misfortune gives context for good, and gives good the opportunity to manifest itself as we respond in kindness. Because there are poor we have opportunity to show kindness to the poor and hereby to show kindness to God.

Would God default on a debt?  To ask is foolish.  God will be no man's debtor and He will pay back abundantly.  Yet for God to pay back our kindness to those less fortunate is gracious for we should be kind to those in need out of love and compassion.  It should be enough motivation that our kindness is done to those who our Savior loved and died for, and if God pays that kindness back it is to His credit not ours.

Since God cherishes people we should too, if you love God you will take care to cherish and respect the things God loves- meaning people. If God loves that poor person who is digging through the trash for his dinner then that alone should be enough reason for us to act on their behalf.

The words above "is kind" directly points to the word "is done." though this verse reveals a truth about God it is really a verse about actions taken. Let us look for the opportunities to do actions of kindness to others for we are not rewarded until we are done.

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