Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Bible's Most Sublime Message About God is For Today - 1 John 1:5

God Loves You
Does God have a message for you? Does He have a message of hope for our dark world?

"This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all." 1 John 1:5.

God does have a message for us today. He is communicating to us through creation, conscience, the Scriptures, and ultimately His Son where God revealed the heart of that message through Jesus and preserved that message against all assaults for two thousand years just to deliver that message to us today.

This message is not a bunch of laws with do's and don'ts or about some system of living but it is a message about the person of God. We do not need more rules or programs we need more of God and the message is the most foundational truth about God that there is.

It is the message we need to hear today, "God is light..." Light is good. It reveals things, shows things; it gives color, depth, value, hue, and a million things. Light goes where nothing else can. Light drives the darkness away. God is all this and more. People need light and thrive in light. Our world today needs light- we need God.

     * Light gives hope.
     * Light reveals,
     * Light comforts.
     * Light heals.

Not only is God light but just in case we had any doubt we are reassured that in him is "no darkness at all." Here is about the only time you should get excited about the word "NO." darkness is scary and if God had any spot of darkness it would be a bad precedence.  The God of the Bible does not have a dual nature like other religions where good and bad live together in a tense harmony. The slightest compromise of light in God would be the precedence for all darkness.

God is light and there is not even a hint of evil, or sin, or wickedness in Him. He is ALL good. He has NO darkness AT ALL. That means he will not respond to the allurements of darkness like pride, anger, vanity, greed, sin. Our dealings with God will be in the light. On the other hand, His light will illuminate any darkness in our hearts. He sees our hearts in his light. he sees the struggles, trials and hurts we go through; because of his light, he sees them truly and clearly.

We find confidence knowing He is good, He is light, and He is holy. Every time we come to Him we can be sure He is acting from a basis of light, never of darkness. He sees our hearts in His light.

To come to God is to leave darkness behind and become a messenger of light.

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