Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do Christians Sin? 1 John 3:6

God Loves You
Can we be free from wrong doing? If so where is the source of victory over sin?

"No one who lives in him keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him." 1 John 3:6

The verse before this says, "...and in him (Jesus) is no sin." The logic is that if there is no sin in Jesus and if I am in Jesus I will not keep on sinning. That does not mean Christians have no sin but that Christians will "not keep on sinning," and that Christians do sin but will not continue to sin.

If Christians continue in continuous sin it suggests they do not know Jesus since he has no sin. Sin's power over us is broken but it is not erased from our lives instantly but we seem to grow more into Jesus and less into ourselves. If someone is unrepentant or untroubled by their sins suggest they do not know him. If someone is troubled by sin and continues to struggle against their sins shows they are in Jesus because he is without sin we are in a process of becoming more like Jesus who is without sin.

We should rejoice that we are engaged in the struggle. Victory over sin is already won, but not by us- it is won by Jesus' death and resurrection. When we come to the Lord we are put in Jesus, that is before God's judgment we are given Jesus' righteousness; but we often slither away from being in Jesus practically, and when that happens we slide into sins, then we need to return to Jesus and by faith declare we are "in Jesus."

Some refer to it as "putting on" Christ, or "reckoning ourselves dead to sin," or the "Christ-exchanged life," or “giving up self.” These are all words to express the faith action of yielding up ourselves and receiving Christ's life.

If sin is overcoming you reaffirm that you are in Jesus. Pray and tell the Lord you are reaffirming that you belong to him and not to sin. You will grow and find the struggle continues and the need to reaffirm that you are in Jesus comes again and again.

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