Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is Your God Worth Boasting About? - Psalms 44:8.

God Loves You
We think negatively about boasting, it is because people tend to boast in a vain and arrogant way; but there is a time and place for good boasting.

“In God we make out boast all day long and we will praise your name forever,” Psalms 44:8, NIV.

Not all boasting is negative and rude, like when we have a good thing to celebrate we went to let others know, when we are elated we communicate that joy, or when we have a victory we announce it. This is not vain boasting it is celebrating. Boasting is a statement made by one person to another, and we ought to be declaring to others what God has done and is doing in our lives and in the world around us.

Why do Christians not boast about their God? We do not need to get far fetched to find inspiration for us to boast about God; consider His works, all His creation and the universe. We can honestly boast in God's great power, His character, and nature, His patience with sinful mankind and His Son’s atoning death on our behalf which gives a free salvation to any who receive it.

Isn’t God worth boasting about? If you knew a celebrity or a head of state you would not keep it a secret. As born again Christians we have been given the privilege to know the Lord, so we are uniquely qualified to declare the greatness of God. Consider that God who commands multitudes of angles is our God and Father. We can boast of the blessings He has given us. We can boast that our God is active in our lives and has made us His partner in the great work of grace and redemption. The blessings of salvation go on and on, and we do well to remind others of them morning noon and night.

If you boast to someone about something you are or have done you can predict they will have a low opinion about you; they consider that you are vain, conceited and self-absorbed. Boasting about God leads to worship as the verse above concludes with the declaration that “we will praise your name forever.”

Our opportunity to boast about the Lord to our neighbors and friends will only be for a time, but for each of us our time on earth will end and eternity will begin; then boasting in God will be replaced with worship and praise to God.

The God we know as the redeemer of lost mankind is worth boasting about. If you feel that God as you know him is not worth boasting about then search for Him afresh.

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