Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fatherly Advice- You can’t be too wise. Proverbs 9:9

God Loves You
After years of school, you get a diploma but are you really done, or just beginning?

“Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still; teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning.” Proverbs 9:9, NIV.

We are made by God to be creatures that not only grow but who crave to grow, failure to grow leads to entropy.  It seems that God intends for us to be able to add to our learning. We cannot say, “OK, I am wise and learned now. I am done getting knowledge and wisdom.” This verse implies that there is always more wisdom to acquire and more learning to attain.

If we are wise we will welcome continuous learning. It is a marvel that the wise can become “wiser still.” It is as if the depths of wisdom can always go deeper, and as for knowledge no matter how much you know there is more to learn.

Our verse does not say teach a smart man, a professor, or a teacher, but to teach a “righteous man,” and “instruct the wise man.”  We can’t all be professors, PHDs, or Nobel Prize laureates but by the gift of God’s grace, we may be righteous.  Learning is a gift from God and the righteous man sees God in learning.  Righteousness leads to humility and humility is the enabler that opens us to learning.

When two words are interchangeable they are synonymous, they share the same meaning. In this passage of scripture the wise and the righteous are made equal and the same. Wisdom and righteousness go together, you cannot be a wicked man and have wisdom- it is mutually exclusive.  Without righteousness you cannot have wisdom.

This verse of scripture does not identify the instructor. Any of us may have something to teach the wise and the righteous. The wise will learn even if taught by the lowly, they know that common everyday people may have something to teach them.

Be encouraged that the righteous may add to his learning, it is a choice; notice the wise “will” be wiser and the righteous “will” add to his learning. It is not just something that happens by chance, instead, there is resolve and decision on the part of the wise and righteous to learn and grow in wisdom.

Let’s copy the resolve of the wise and keep on seeking wisdom and continue searching for knowledge. There is no end to it or its rewards. If you have an opportunity to add to your learning you are wise to take it. 

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