Saturday, June 26, 2010

What Is The Secret Path to Success? Proverbs 16:3

God Loves You
Is there was a book, class or a seminar that could teach you success? Yes, it has been written by the wisest man who ever lived and Solomon put it in one sentence.

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3. NIV.

To our modern ear this sounds archaic and naive, like folklore or superstition; but upon reflection the depth of these words become clear, and the truth of it obvious

If you commit some task to the Lord you must do it in a way that is worthy of Him. You can’t just slam something together haphazardly and say it honors God; you are going behave honorably, and do the best you can do, and to the highest standards. You approach it as if The Almighty is standing over your shoulder watching- because he is.

To commit something to the Lord is to bring Him into it. He is the God of victory and is jealous for his name; He does not like things done in his name to fail. You are inviting His blessing, but more importantly His partnership.

Another side of commit is the idea of giving up your say in the plans. We must be able to give up our plans to our Divine Father's will and control. If we give our plans to God then it is in His hands to grant success or failure. He may change the plans, and probably will!

You should commit the important events and projects of life to the Almighty, but we can commit “Whatever” to the Lord. There is no task too small or insignificant to be worthy of God. Few of us can be architects of grand schemes; not all of us can build a hospital or established a fund to care for orphans in the Lord’s name.

We can commit to the Lord
  • Doing the dishes, 
  • mowing the lawn, 
  • writing a paper, 
  • cleaning your room, 
  • washing the scum off the shower
  • Your job, 
  • your relationships, 
  • your home, 
  • car, 
  • bank account, 
  • clothing, 
  • and whatever is important.
It is a promise of scripture that your plans will succeed. It may be that He will rewrite the proposal and add a few lines to the blueprint or some other way to bring about success. His idea of success may not be the same as yours, but it will be better.

If you are going to commit something to the Lord it must be done as an act of worship and service with the intent of giving God glory and honor among men.

So whatever your plans are you must commit them to the Lord. He wants us to and He will honor it.
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