Friday, June 25, 2010

A Reason Why God Allows Suffering in my Life. Hosea 6:1

God Loves You
Many of us feel torn to pieces as if every part of our life is coming apart at the seams. No matter what we do there is no relief. Illness, loss, betrayal, loneliness, and more surround us like attacking dogs. We say to God, “Why did you do this to me?” One answer is offered by an ancient prophet.

“Come, let us return to the Lord. He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us; he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds.” Hosea 6:1

The most beautiful word in this promise verse is “Come,” God is calling us to come to Him. Sometimes He uses blessings to draw us to Him and sometimes He must allow anguish to enter our lives so we will look to Him. God is a loving God and does not rejoice in our suffering, indeed, the Bible says He grieves over our hurt; but there are times when we have gone our own way for too long and are in danger of greater loss if we don’t “come” to God.

Do not put obstacles in the way of coming to the Lord. “Let us,” humble ourselves, and admit that God is right and we should repent; God is just and wants us to confess our wrongdoing and sin.

Our trials are to cause us to "Return to the Lord." Return is hopeful. Mankind in innocence once had a dear friendship with his Creator but in rebellion went his own way. Now God offers not only forgiveness, friendship, and salvation in Christ but also son-ship and all the privileges that come with it. He did everything for our salvation by sending his Son Jesus to die on the cross to pay for our sin and satisfy the judgment our sins deserve. He asks that we receive salvation by trusting Him to save us.

God does not do evil but He has given us free will and this allows us to hurt ourselves and others. Though it is mankind who causes pain God takes ownership and promises to heal us, and bind our wounds. He is the loving physician who longs to give us full recovery. He is calling for us to come to experience this healing of our deepest hurts. He will “heal,” and “bind up our wounds;” He will not overlook any- no matter how many they are.

Come back to the Lord through his Son, Jesus, and He will heal you and bind up the wounds you bear.

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