Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Does God's Help Mean?

It is a relief when you find someone who can help, especially when they are more qualified than anyone else.

“Because you are my help, I will sing in the shadow of your wings.” Psalm 63: 7, NIV.

These words are open-ended, and limitless. God is the great help; no problem is too big, no situation is too hard, no question is beyond his wisdom.

Though God is “my Help,” we still go through the trial but with the Almighty at our side. He is willing to help; a helper comes alongside and shares the struggle. Shared trials build a bond. God wants intimate relationship with us; many never nurture that relationship except in a crisis. We try to solve the dilemma ourselves or we want to command God as if He were a servant not our Lord. Remember that to ask for His help is to be willing for God to give that help His way- not ours.

This verse expresses confidence in God. The author knows that God is his helper, and he "will" celebrate God in song. This kind of confidence is the fruit of time with God, getting to know the heart and character of God.

We consider being in someone’s “shadow” as a bad thing but here it is good. It is the shadow of protection. Shadows fall behind, this suggests that The Almighty goes before, so God in all wisdom and knowledge has gone before us in every trial. He knows the way and the results.

The “wings” invoke the image of the eagle, king of birds, who commands the skis. We need a safe haven when help is not enough, and to be in the shadow of such wings is to be under the protection and shelter of the Almighty. A mother bird spreads her wings over her chicks in the storm and the Heavenly Father spreads his protection to those who make Him their helper.

Because God is our help we can “sing,” this is the way it should be. We owe God our worship, for He is our creator, and we should worship even more so when He is our helper. Every test and experience should result in songs of devotion.

If God is not your helper then come to Him today and confess your need. Ask him to be your helper and let Him help as He sees fit. Don’t wait for victory- sing his praise.

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My prayer. Psalm 63: 7,

Put me under your wings, o Lord,
And shelter me from this storm.
I try to win by my own scheme,
But my troubles are too great.
I need today your help again.
My efforts are such a waste.
I will trust only Your commands,
And will accept your results.
Draw me to be so close to You
Even to know Your own heart.
I praise You for this hard ordeal.
For victory I now give thanks.
In your shadow I will prevail,
And sing from a joyful heart.

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