Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How The Lost Work Ethic Could Save This Country.

God Loves You
Our world is looking for help on many fronts, financial, social, political, etc. The solution is not a better tax, or a program or a new approach to the deficit.

The first settlers came to America to find a place of worship. Their life ethic was worship, not materialism. They felt that all of their actions should be praise to God. Because their ethic was worship and service to God they were blessed by God with material blessings. Those earliest settlers would have said, “All work is an act of Worship to God.” America has abandoned the worship and service ethic for the “American Dream ethic” which is self-worship. Today we work and live to fulfill our own desires and seek our own pleasure. This is the opposite of the purposes of God in our lives.

God put Adam in the Garden and gave him the task of “…to work and take care of it.” (Genesis 2:15). God could have done that but gave work as the means to provide fulfillment and blessing to man.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working to the Lord, not for men,” Colossians 3:23 

Work should not be for profit, status, or wealth, it should be an act of worship and to please our Maker.

     * If God intended for my job to be a vehicle of worship and I do a sloppy job can I expect God’s blessing?
      * Is God worthy of me taking extra-long breaks and poor performance and a bad attitude?
      * If my job is service to God then shouldn't I perform the best work ever done.

If my job is cleaning dishes or taking the toll at a booth or sweeping the streets and I am doing it to the Lord then I will do it cheerfully, accurately, diligently, and thoroughly. I should complete every assignment with the question, “Is God pleased with how I performed this task?” My morning prayer would be that my work will please God, and my evening thanks will be gratitude for the opportunity to demonstrate my love for God by doing my work well. The work of my hands may be a more valid action of worship than the Sunday Church service.

Our lives are meant to be lives of service and worship. We find fulfillment in worship and service to God. If America returns to this “Christian work ethic” then God will again bless America.

Let us stop chasing the American Dream and again pursue God.

A Workers Prayer.

Dear God and Master, You deserve my best service.
Forgive me for working only for myself,
Forgive me for thinking my life was only mine,
And for thinking work was only a means,
And that my job was to serve my interest.

O Lord, may my work not bring shame to Your name.
Help me to not look for profit or reward
Help me to view all work as worship to You
I pray that my efforts will be worthy of You.
I pray to honestly thank you for today’s task.

When others see my work may they give You praise.
Thank you that my work shows my love for God.

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