Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Can I Know That God Is Near? Psalm 73:23 NIV

God Loves You
In times of discouragement, we wonder if God is so pure and holy that He has gone away.

“Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand.” Psalm 73:23 NIV.

Psalm 73 struggles with the evils of life, then it says, “Yet.” The word, “yet” means, "Here is an alternative,” or “in spite of everything,” it is a turning point.

Throughout our lives God continues to refine the basics, they are reapplied and relearned. One basic is that God is “Always” with you. “Always” refers to time, and there is no time, place, or circumstance left out of always. No event can make the “always” null and void. It will forever stand that God is “always” with you.

"Always," is only half of the thought, it is incomplete without “With.” With is the idea of together, like side by side, not apart. Wherever you go, become, or experience “God with me” will always be true.

God touches lives and He touches hearts. Jesus touched the leprous with his healing touch, and God is not afraid to “Hold” your hand. He initiates and He reaches out. You may let go but not God, He continues to hold even when we feel dirty and unloveable.

God is the one who holds, not us and letting go is not an option with The Almighty. You may wander from him but since The Lord holds your hand He keeps you next to Him.

The “right hand” implies strength and skill. God's right hand speaks of acceptance and Our Heavenly Father holds our right hand to say He accepts us; that we are dear and cherished by Him. It is one thing to say I am with you, but if I am holding your hand you know I am with you. When I am holding your hand your struggles are my struggles your enemies are my enemies.

If you need a turning point take His hand. We live by faith in one who wants to have a relationship. To learn more about how to have a relationship with God see my other Blog.

*Click the link to read Psalm 73.

A Prayer

Lord, deliver me from the sin that robes me
Of the joy of your touch.
You forever are holding out Your hand
For me to take hold of.
Lead me by my hand through this sad darkness,
Keep me safe by Your side.
When I am afraid and small may I realize
Who holds my hand in His.
Let me not forget the closeness of the God
Who stays always with me.
Thank You that You are the God who holds me,
And You will not let go.

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