Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is There a More Important Question Than "Who am I" Psalm 118:28

Many of us are concerned about our identity, and want to “find ourselves.” We wrestle with these questions but the better question may not be who I am but who I belong to. The ancient poet knew this...

"You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God and I will exalt you."  Psalm 118:28.

“Are,” "my" and “will” are repeated in this verse, this emphases absolute facts. The psalmist is declaring that" God is his God," he is identifying himself with the Almighty. He is saying that the "God of heaven is his God."

To say something is "mine,” can mean different things. We can say this is our car and mean we own it, if we say this is our city we do not mean we own it but that we have a relationship with it. To call God my God is to announce my relationship to God, a relationship where He is My Lord and I am his servant.

Then he says, “I will give you thanks.” He is not giving thanks for a temporal blessing; he is thanking God for being his God, he is thanking God for who God is.

This old word means to lift someone up with public praise and service.

We accept that our country may claim our loyalty and service so it should not be strange to think the God of Heaven, our Creator and Savior, has a claim on our service. This verse makes the connection between God being our God and us being His servant. If we are not His servant we are not acting like He is our God. If we claim God as our God we must exalt him. We can’t say God is our God and NOT exalt him such actions make our words null and void.

This verse has progression. It begins with an acknowledgment that God is his God. This leads to thanks, and that leads to the climax of the verse “I will exalt you.” We can exalt God in our actions, verbal worship and acts of obedience.

Life's fundamental question is not who we are but what God do we belong to? That will make everything else clear. To know God as your God leads you to serve and worship him, which will cause you to know you belong to him and then you will be who you are meant to be.

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