Saturday, November 14, 2009

If Jesus Wants Me To Follow Him Why Does He Say Such Hard Things? John 12:25

Do you wonder what Jesus is about? What is the purpose of the Christian life? These questions are not always eased by the words of Jesus.

“The man who loves his life will lose it while the man who hates his life in the world will keep it for eternal life." John 12: 25, NIV.

These words go against human nature. There is so much to love in this modern world with its gratifications and pleasures. Who would not love all it has to offer?

We love life by living for comfort, pleasure, our own interest, money, food, entertainment, pleasure, family, and the list goes on. Life is more than the living breathing body of flesh and serving its needs. We are spirit and have souls. The body is the vehicle of our souls, and this world is the stage where we serve and glorify God. It is easy to see our time on earth as all there is and our body as who we are and what we do here on earth as the end results of life. To ignore the spirit and focus on the temporal is to use up our resources that were meant to fulfill God’s purpose and will result in missing the blessings of God.

We must say "no" to those things treasured among mankind and seek those things treasured by God. To hate your life is to love Christ more than to love your own interest, importance and concerns.

We make thousands of decisions each day. Often we choose to love ourselves instead of doing that which would fulfill love for God.

We are of two worlds; we live out one existence now but will spend eternity in another. Our lives become a constant choosing between the two, and a continuous choosing between God and self. If we live for this world we are losers in the next, if we live for the next we are winners in both.

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