Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where You Can Find Help. Psalm 120.1, 2.

Some days it seems we have more hills to climb than we have strength. We may have illness, the loss of loved one, or the scarring injury of a wrong done to us. We long for help and wait, but those hills are still there to climb. They just won’t go away.

“I lift up my eyes to the hills- where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 120:1, 2, NIV

This is a favorite verse, and we often turn to it or reflect on its meaning. To say, "I lift up my eyes..." is to suggest we are looking "up" or for help from above. Why look to a created being when the Creator is waiting to be our helper? We look to programs and institutions to be our help but they offer only partial help. We look to people but people fail and err. We look inside to our own hearts but the results are no better than we are.

The author of this verse practically boasts that his help is not in man, angel, king or city but his help, " comes from the Lord. The title Lord is like saying “God the Divine Ruler,” or “God the Absolute Governor,” or “God the Monarch of All There is.” God is in control of all things. He is Commander of all the elements of the universe down to every single molecule. All things respond to His command. There is no greater help.

The author of this verse didn't say he was hoping to have help from God or that he was asking for help from God; he said, "my help comes from the Lord." It was a sure thing to him; this is a statement of great faith. If only we could say with the same confidence that our help comes from God. we must realize and do not doubt that help does come from the Lord.

Not only is our help the Lord and Ruling Monarch, but He is the "maker of heaven and earth." To be the maker of things is to be more powerful than the thing you make or else you couldn't make the thing. God is the Maker of heaven and earth so his power supersedes the abilities of heaven and earth to resist his power. As the maker of not only the earth but of heaven also then there is nothing left out. We can’t say our problem is bigger than God because our problem came from a place he didn't make and have power and control ver, because he made all things. He has power and control over all those things, so he has power over the very hills we have to climb.

We can look at how big the hills are that we have to climb but if we look above the hills to their very maker we will find our Help. If the hills are big the Maker of the hills are bigger. Let's look to Him who is the maker of the hills.

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