Monday, November 9, 2009

Could God’s Love Satisfy my Deepest Need? Psalm 90: 14

We are always trying to get our needs fulfilled. Our economy and culture is driven by selling satisfaction. The marketplace will create a need if to sell something. But where is our deepest need satisfied?

Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days. Pslam 90:14

Nothing satisfies our longing hearts except Gods love. To "satisfy" means to fulfill a need, or meet a condition, or cause contentment. The Lord's love is all of this, and this is just the beginning of the depths of His love.

This verse has two references to time, first is "morning." Morning is a beginning, and we should begin our day reflecting on God and his love. No matter how busy our day will be we should always start with Bible reading and prayer. It may also refer to our time here on earth.

Our Father's love is truly "unfailing."We may fail Him but He won’t fail us. His love is stronger than any circumstance or action. It is a love of commitment bound by the very character of God. His love is unfailing because He himself is unfailing.

"Joy" and "gladness" are not the same as happiness. Happiness is a word derived from happening; it is a word that refers to the enjoyment of a circumstance or event. Joy is the reflection of an internal source; it comes from the Holy Spirit given to us at salvation. Happiness comes and goes with the mood but joy and gladness are from God.

The second reference to time is all our days. Our Heavenly Father's love causes us to sing for joy without end. The joy and gladness that He gives has promise forever; heaven is a place of joy and gladness. This prayer starts on earth and ends in heaven.

Our Father demonstrated love when He entered our world as Jesus and died to pay for our sins so that he barrier of sin may be removed between him and us. If you have not found joy in God’s love it may be that you need to pray and accept His offer of salvation. If Jesus is your Savior and you still feel no joy and gladness in his love it may be that you have been looking for that satisfaction in some other way. Pray the prayer of this verse and seek satisfaction only in His Love.

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