Friday, November 6, 2009

Can We Be More Like Jesus? John 3:30

God Loves You
Who wouldn't want to be like Jesus? He was so compassionate, merciful, wise and bold; he went about doing good wherever he went. John the Baptist knew the secret of this.

“He must become greater; I must become less.” John 3:30, NIV.

This word is repeated twice and everything depends on it. This "must" means it has to happen, and it is the highest priority, there is not secondary plan, it means all or nothing.

The imperative words of this verse are “must become,” “Become” can be defined as “grow to be.” It is a process. Something has to change in our lives when we come to Jesus: growth is not an option in God’s plan. We “must” be progressing in the becoming more of what Jesus values and less of my own values.

We become like the people we spend time with. They influence us gradually and slowly, their passions become our passions. We who came to God through Jesus are in a dynamic spiritual relationship with him. In that relationship Jesus does not force himself on us, neither do we absorb him through osmosis; we must invite him, and be intentionally open to him.

A few actions that help me become more like Jesus are…

     * To spend more time with Jesus.
     * To learn and adopt his agenda.
     * To talk to him in prayer.
     * To listen to him in Bible.
     * To do the things he does.
     * To yield myself to him.
     * To commit myself to becoming like Jesus.

We must become lost in the becoming like Jesus, but this does not mean we any longer have our own personality and identity.  Jesus was a living example of his own personality so we are assured that these things are vital: you are who you are and Jesus does not take that away. Rather in Jesus, you are able to realize a more fulfilled and completed you.

We can be more like Jesus and it will make us richer in character, wiser in mind, gracious in speech, humble in relationships, courageous against evil, a servant to all, and so much more. 

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