Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Six Traits Of An Upright and Righteous Person, Proverbs 16:17

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If someone was an upright person what traits would characterize them?  The Bible gives some clues.

"The highway of the upright avoids evil, those who guard their ways preserve their lives." Proverbs 16:17.

This suggests the path we walk through life and not just an occasional moment of clear thinking but a lifestyle of being upright. The righteous person keeps on the path and sees the pathway of life as too purposeful to wander away from.

Here is a person who can endure scrutiny and still be standing. His life is public and without secrets.

He has a definition of evil. It is not subjective or cultural and does not change with the fashion but absolute. He recognizes the way of evil and keeps off of it with intent.

This person does not explore evil, he doesn't look at it from a "safe distance," or toy with it; instead he plans intentionally to take actions which distance them from evil.

A guard is diligent; he does not sleep on watch but constantly looks for danger. The righteous man does not take a holiday from being righteous; he is disciplined and ready to deal decisively with evil.

They guard their habits. The way they go about life and the way they live is done with deliberation; they do not just drift through life.

Something that is preserved is cherished, cared for, and maintained. This is the end result of the life of the upright because of a constant view that righteousness is a pathway that must be intentionally pursued, guarded and stayed.

The upright may have sorrows in life but they do not have regrets. The good they did and the good they became is not lost. Theirs is a highway worth walking on.

If you feel that righteousness is something you will never attain to see my other blog about knowing God in your life through the gift of salvation.

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