Saturday, December 6, 2014

Where To Find hope When Your Problems Are About to Conquer You

God Loves You
Sometimes we feel like we are in a losing battle where our problems are going to beat us

"No in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." Romans 8:38.

The Biblical passage before this verse lists many types of adversities, trials afflictions, and tests.

We are conquerors over...
     * Sin,
     * The devil,
     * The world,
     * Test
     * Afflictions
     * Persecutions
     * Trials.

We not only overcome our trials but we overcome them abundantly to the point that we are made better off for having been in the trial. The lessons we learn and the character we develop far exceed the price paid by going through the tests. We are able to rejoice in trials and afflictions in ways that the world can only guess at.  Our test actually deepens our faith and joy.

Being more than conquerors is more than not being overcome by our afflictions but understanding that those afflictions actually cause us to know our Lord better. We are drawn closer to him and are made more like him.

Because we are conquerors we can face trials and afflictions with joy and courage.

It is not by a program, education, church, or determination that we are able to overcome. It is through him who loved us, by the Blood of the Lamb. Victory is through Jesus whose death already won the victory. He is the victory because he has overcome, he has defeated sin, death, the world, and Satan- that victory is one of the things we share in Jesus' death and resurrection.

The trials we face are nothing compared to the victory he won in his death and resurrection.

If we can trust him to deliver us from sin and it's judgment it should be a small thing to trust him to give us victory over our trials.

We come to him by faith for salvation for through him we are saved and in the same way, we come to him by faith for victory.

If he loved us enough to die to redeem us he surely loves us enough to give us victory over the afflictions of our daily lives.

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