Sunday, November 3, 2013

Do You Ever Feel Like Giving Up On God?

God Loves You
Sometimes we feel like following God and being a good person is not worth it. We might ask ourselves why should I keep on following the way of faith?

"Let us hold fast the confession of our faith, without wavering, for he who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23.

This is a phrase that suggests an option. You have a choice. It is saying to choose to hold fast.

The us is plural and joins you and me with the fathers of the faith over the ages. This verse is written by someone who included himself in the need to be encouraged.  This means that even the saints of old struggled with the idea of giving up. You are not alone.

We not only choose to not give up we have to resolve to keep on moving ahead.

Wavering is to go back and forth on a subject. We have to stop going back and forth going one way and then the other. We have to decide to stick with it.

We may be tempted to give up on living for God when times of testing and difficulties come but we should hold fast and not give up.

     * Not because we are earning a reward, (though we might be).
     * Not because it develops character, (though it is).
     * Not because we will be ashamed for it one day, (though we will).
     * Not because it is the right thing to do, (though it is).
     * Not because it is giving victory to the enemy, (though it is).

But because He who promised is faithful.
     * Faithful to His word
     * Faithful to His promises.
     * Faithful to the church,
     * Faithful to you.

We do not hold on to God he holds onto us that is why it says he is faithful.  Our relationship with God is based on his promise. John 3:16.  He keeps his promise to give us eternal life and he keeps all the other promises that go with it.  He asks our loving gratitude and obedient service but if we fail he does not revoke the promise he gives us, we may lose our blessing but not our salvation.

Maybe you feel like giving up on God but he will never give up on you.  It may be that you know about God but do not know him personally. To learn how you can know God in a personal way then click here to see my other blog post about finding God.


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