Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why Should I Be Thankful For This Day?

God Loves You
Do you ever feel like it is going to be another day of conflicts, uphill hardships, and difficulties?

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24.

No matter what trials you are facing you can be assured that this day was planned by the Lord, it passed His review process and He has approved of this day. You may not understand His will for the problems you find today, but He made this day in all the little ways that are part of it. His plan for today is guided by His love and wisdom.

It should comfort us to know that Our Heavenly Father is in this day. As the Eternal One, He was in this day long before you were born. As the All-knowing One, He foresaw "today" from before the creation of the stars. As the All-Wise One, He knows you down to the core and with mercy designed the challenges you face today with respect for your weakness. As the All-Loving One, He cares about what happens to you today. He has a purpose; it may even be to turn your weaknesses into strengths that you face difficulties.

This verse directs you to rejoice, so resolve to be glad. It may be by an act of will but it is right to "rejoice and be glad," for The Lord is in control. You have a lot of reasons to rejoice.

     * First it is commanded many times and places in the Bible.
     * God loves you.
     * He is working on things in your life that are deeper than we see.
     * He is the God of Victory, and Lord of Success.
     * His plan for your good will be accomplished.

The context of this verse is in that the building of the temple is being celebrated. The psalmist rejoices to see the cornerstone of the foundation laid and understandably he rejoices. We live in a similar day we may not see laborers dragging a cornerstone into place, but we are being built ourselves into something just as sacred, Gods eternal living temple the Church.

No matter what problems you face today know the Lord is in this day. It may be that the hardships you face are designed by God to bring you to Him. If you want to know more about coming to him Click here.

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