Thursday, May 30, 2013

Does Jesus See My Needs?

God Loves You
We have needs that go on unfilled, needs like love, forgiveness, freedom from guilt and a need for hope.  Does Jesus know- does he care?

"When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd." Matthew 9:36, NIV.

The first words tell it all. "When He saw the crowds..." He sees. He is looking in a way that is thoughtful of us. When Jesus saw the crowds he saw the individuals in an intimate, understanding and knowing way.

We may not have been there that day but we are all alike; we are hungry for something in our lives and want to find meaning, purpose, God, hope, and comfort for our souls. No matter how many we are he cares for each of us.

Jesus lived a life that was full of emotion. He felt compassion on the crowds. The religious leaders of his day had no feeling for the crowds, they sought their own benefit. Jesus cares for each one in the crowd. He sees our need and sets it ahead of his own.

We are harassed today by guilt and sin. We are victims of people who should love us or who are malicious. Our world promises peace and prosperity and we chase the dream of happiness but are disappointed. We look for hope and chase after one promise of happiness to the next.  We are harassed by our own longings and desires. We cannot escape our sin or purge our guilt.

Jesus is the shepherd who has compassion on us. He knows our need and he acts. Compassion is not just feeling it is a feeling that leads to action. Jesus is the shepherd who gave his life for the sheep* and he arose from the tomb to be the one who gives victory and assurance of the permanence and power of his love for us.

Jesus came to meet our greatest need- the need for forgiveness from our sins and to be brought back to God. When we come to him we begin a new life in him; some of our needs are resolved and some others we must wait until he finishes working in us.

Feelings may lead us astray and though we may not feel it the facts are that Jesus meets all of our deepest needs.

To learn more about having a new life in Jesus follow this link: Click Here.

*John 10:11
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