Saturday, May 25, 2013

Can We Trust The Words of Jesus?

Everybody likes to quote a favorite quip from the teaching of Jesus, usually when it justifies our actions or to humble someone else. Are the words of Jesus different from teachers of other faiths, can we trust his words more?

"Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away."Matthew 24:35, NIV.

For Jesus to make a claim that his words will never pass away and even out last heaven and earth is to claim something that only God can say. It would be arrogance or insanity if someone said this sort of thing, but Jesus went around doing what only God could do, (raising the dead, stopping storms, commanding demons, healing the incurable with a word or touch, etc.) so the evidence of his life makes his words trustworthy. Because he did the things only God could do he had authority to say what only God could say.

It is comforting that Jesus said, "My words will never pass away." Salvation is based on the words of Jesus where he promised that, "whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 Therefore, we trust in the words of Jesus' promise for salvation. Since salvation is a promise God gives to us and His word will never pass away, so also salvation will never pass away.

The circumstances of life may change but Jesus' word and God's promises in the Bible will never change. What Jesus promised to us yesterday is true today. We may cling to the promise of God's love, and need never worry that His promise will change. We may hope in his promise of forgiveness through Jesus blood, and we know that promise will never pass away. We may call upon his promise to abide with us, and never fear He has departed, because his word will not change.

We should make the words of Jesus our own words. Our lives and world are temporary; our achievements are passing, our monuments do not endure, and our possessions decay. In Jesus's words we found something that is eternal, and righteous, and good for us- wouldn't it be wise to invest in it?

We need to spend time learning his words and teaching. We must stop spending so much time on things that don't last even a few years and completely ignore something that will last forever- God's Word. We spend too much time watching TV, playing games, window shopping, and generally amusing ourselves for a little while. Instead we need to study Gods word and build a life that will have eternity in it.

To learn more about the promise of salvation follow this link: Click Here.

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