Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Who Cares If You Have A Broken Heart?

God Loves You
We all experience a broken heart at some point in our lives, we may begin to feel like no one cares, but what if there really was someone who did truly care? The Bible has an answer from Psalm 34:18.

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Psalm 34: 18, NIV.  

What we know of the Lord is slight and pale compared to the truth of Him, but He is full of virtue, and that should give us hope beyond measure. He is the absolute ruler of the universe from the stars in heaven to the blade of grass under your feet. He is all-knowing, all-understanding, all-powerful, all-caring, all-compassionate, all-love, and all-wise.

"The Lord is close..." His presence is not distant; He is not standing off in a corner or finding something else to do while we hurt. He sees our hearts with compassion and understands our pains and loss. He is not far away in some cloud watching angles fly about- He is right here with us. He is close in his attention toward us, close in his presence and close in his thoughts. It is like his heart sees our heart with all-knowing love.

These days we hear how you must be strong, that men do not cry, you should overcome, and not be weak. Some people may avoid us if we tell them about our pain, but "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted." He is with us in so many little ways, we just need to stop and wait to see Him. When we look we find his hand held out to us.

What is worse a broken heart or a crushed spirit? A crushed spirit is defeated and feels like giving up, or it is the person who has so many defeats that they can't start again. It is a comfort to know that the Lord saves. There is something of value in our experiences, there are lessons we learn; there is a purpose, He is doing a mighty work in and through us. We sometimes do not recognize that we are experiencing "saving" at the time but we can count on him; it is a promise that the Lord saves "those who are crushed in spirit." As we go through a dark time we can count on the promise of this verse and the truth of God's character that he is close to us and desires to save us through the times of hurt.

This Bible verse implies a relationship. We need to call out, and come to Him and made the Lord-of-All your Lord.

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