Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why Do We Have To Wait For God? Lamentations 3:26

God Loves You
We don't like to wait. We want God to answer our prayers right now and help us out right away. Why do we have to wait?

It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord." Lamentations 3:26, NIV*.

Waiting is not something many of us do easily in our fast-paced world, we want results now.  The Bible is full of encouragement to wait and gives many examples of those who did. We need to leave the culture of hurry up for the culture of in God's time. God has a purpose for the time of waiting that we have to go through. It may seem hard at the time but it is good in the end because we learn things, we grow as people, and we experience God afresh, just to name a few.

Quietly is an attitude that some of us do not know. We are noisy and we complain, or get full of business, and feel a need to do something about our problems with a panic. The quiet the Bible speaks of here is to be able to wait in silence.

To wait quietly for God to rescue us is a tremendous act of faith. It is a living statement of belief that God is good and in his goodness he has control, therefore the best outcome is assured.

Many times we may abstain from speaking our complaint out loud but inwardly simmer with worry and anxiously review scenarios of doom. This causes us to miss out on the blessing of God working on our behalf, we miss knowing God in the hour of our distress.

Our salvation comes from the Lord. Salvation is something we cannot do for ourselves. In our lives, we are at God's mercy and receive his grace day by day and hour by hour, but we do not recognize God working in all the little things. Then the big crisis comes and we are not in the habit of looking to God since we have not practiced it in the little ways.

We already experience deliverance in our daily lives from his hand as much as the eternal salvation we receive by faith in the death of Christ on the cross in payment for our sins. When we think about how he has delivered us in the past and in little ways today it is easy to wait quietly for the deliverance in the big crisis we face.

Truly it is good to wait because then we will be blessed and we will see the salvation the Lord has for us.

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