Sunday, December 23, 2012

What Does It Mean To Be God's People?

God Loves You
What does it mean that we are God's people? We know it is something good but just what is it?

"Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture." Psalm 100:3, NIV*.

This Bible verse starts with the declaration that The Lord is God; as a reminder that everything begins with him, not us. Our identity is not in what we own or have achieved or who we are but our true identity is in who our God is.

God created us on purpose. What we are, what we look like, our talents, and gifts were given by God. We might say, "I wish I wasn't like this or that," but instead, we should be thankful.  If we have a weakness or a flaw, we know God's has a purpose for it.  We are so often caught up in the outside looks, and all the external: but God is working on the internal.

We are his. Because of this verse, you can say, "I know who and what I am. I do not need to go on some quest to find myself." Our lives become an expression of being found in Jesus.  We belong- this is better than a club, or family, society, gang, or any group.

God did not make us to be alone.  We belong to a society, to a people who are his, we not only belong but we each have a purpose in God's plan to be a blessing to his people. God made us each with gifts to share with His people wherever they are. We each need to be a blessing to his people; we diminish ourselves and others when we draw away from the community of faith.

"We are the sheep of his pasture." Sheep are very dependent. Sheep lack fangs and claws, they are not built for speed, and "Baaa" is no "Roar!" Sheep live and thrive because the shepherd takes care of them; he protects, nurtures, and provides for them. Our God is the Good Shepherd- He cares for us and provides.

We each have a place; we are in his pasture. It is like we are doubly loved and cared for. Who can imagine what a wonderful pasture the Lord has for his sheep? We not only have a Creator, and an identity and a purpose we also have a place-His pasture. We have a place in the heart of God. You can say, "I am in his hands."

Knowing someone is to be involved in a relationship and no relationship ever plateaus, all relationships must grow or wither. To know the Lord means you must continue to grow in knowing.

To learn more about becoming one of God's children follow this link: Click Here.

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