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What Makes God Happy? Psalm 147: 10,11

God Loves You
What does the bible say makes God happy? Could there be a more important question? It would be a good thing to be able to please God and a bad thing if we are never able to make him happy. The Bible gives an answer.

"His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor his delight in the legs of a man; the Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love." Psalm 147:10, 11, NIV*.

Mankind looks on the outside, we see a handsome face, a strong body, a fat bank account, a job with status or a position with power, and think God is pleased with those things like we are.

We might do some great thing for God and people will be impressed, but God being God does not need our help and is not impressed with any form of strength. He created the universe and since he created it in the first place our efforts at best borrow what he has given and give back to him what is his already.

We look at big things, monuments, buildings and institutions and we are amazed, but the verse above takes the cavalry and the infantry, or in modern terms, the military might, (which is the biggest institution of a nation), and says he is not pleased with size, power, or ability.

We personally struggle with issues and huge problems and wish the cavalry would come to our rescue but God has another plan. God takes pleasure in those that fear and revere him. He is pleased with those who hope in him, not in themselves or man-made solutions.

Hope always looks away from the here to see forward and beyond the current situation. Hope requires something or someone bigger than the need. Hope asks that the one who is bigger is able and willing to rescue. We might put our hope in money, or education, or government assistance, or friends; we hope in the strongest things around us, but it will not please God. If we are not pleasing God we are inviting his disfavor, but hope in God fulfills the need of every heart and promises eternal rescue.

God's love is unfailing, the cavalry and infantry may lose the battle and hence the kingdom but God's love never fails. His love is proved at the ultimate victory in the cross where Jesus died to pay for the sins of lost mankind and his love was confirmed when Jesus rose from the grave assuring all who believe in him of eternal life.

The one who would please God is the one who hopes in his love.

Just imagine what it would be like to be a person who God delights in, why chose anything else?

* To read this verse in different translations follow this link: Psalms 147:10.

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