Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Keeps Prayer Unanswered? Psalm 66:18, 19.

We pray, over and over, or we pray for a long time, even years, yet the answer is nowhere in sight. God is sovereign, the answer may be no, or later, or you are not ready. What if the problem is on our end of the prayer?

"If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened; but God has surely listened and heard my voice in prayer." Psalm 66:18-19; NIV. *

This verse is a challenge to us.

When we cherish something we lovingly treasure it, we set it aside and keep it safe. We may pick it up and hold it, or we may put it in a special place under a light just so we can admire it. There may be some sin we cherish in just this way.

To cherish sin is to say to God, "I prefer this wicked evil thing that is destroying me, separating me from you and robbing me of your blessing." When we cherish sin we are forsaking our son-ship rights to the Father; we cannot then expect Him to bless us or hear our prayer.

Sin counterfeits the truth, and destroys. Jesus gave his life to break its power over us, and free us from sin's judgment. The same sin I am in love with is sending loved ones to a hopeless eternity.

We think we can get away with sins of the heart. They are more hidden than an out of control temper, impatience, or dishonesty. These sins may lurk in of our thoughts for years unsuspected by others; maybe covetousness, greed, lust, jealousy, or bitterness is gently nurtured in our quiet moments. We justify it by saying, "It is only a thought or just a feeling. I will never act on it. It is safely hidden in my mind."

Unanswered prayer May be because of a cherished sin. God would be a hypocrite if he blessed someone while they treasured a pet sin. Are the answers we receive only a trickle of what we might have? If we deal with our sins what oceans of blessing might we experience!
  • We should pray for God to reveal the sin in our hearts.
  • We should ask God to correct our attitude of that sin, to see it as He does.
  • We should confess.
  • We need to repent.
  • We need to forsake.
  • We need to accept forgiveness.
  • We need to replace the sin with a holy occupation.
  • Above all we need the Savior's help.
May you be free from heart dwelling sins and may you know the wonders of God who answers prayer.

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