Sunday, August 26, 2012

Can I Lose Salvation? John 10:28

God Loves You
Is eternal life really eternal or is it only good so long as I hold on?

"I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one shall snatch them out of my hand," John 10:28, NIV*.

The idea of eternal life is the hope of all mankind. Eternal life is more that eternal existence. A living thing is moving, growing, interacting, experiencing, and in the case of eternal life it is aware. Eternal existence may imply eternal darkness or eternal sleep or something worse.

Eternal life must be a life of thrilling fulfillment and abundance that is completely gratifying, in this world we can only conceive of it in vague generalities.

Jesus said, I give them eternal life. Eternal life is not earned or merited by good deeds but is clearly a gift, and the surprise is that it comes from Jesus, not our efforts. A gift must be received, we must take the gift or else it is just an offer.

Only God can give eternal life since God is the Eternal One and the Author of life, the logic of this statement of Jesus is that he is claiming to do something only God can do- therefore he is making another claim to be God.

It is not only eternal life but the ones who have it will never perish; this double statement is very reinforcing. There is no doubt that Jesus is talking about life unending without the fear of annihilation or death. The possibility of death is removed for those who have eternal life.

When Jesus says, "No one shall snatch them..." he claims superiority over all powers human and demonic. He says no one- no leader of any religion, or any devil or even our own actions can remove us from salvation.

Some translations say snatch others say pluck, take or seize, the idea is the same; neither speed, power, subterfuge nor barter can overpower the grasp Jesus has on us.

Hands hold and it is Jesus' hand that holds us not we ourselves.  We have eternal life secured by Jesus not by us, he holds us we don't hold him. He says, "My hand..." we are not held by the hand of a religion, a church or a creed but by the hand of a person Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

There is no doubt that eternal life in Jesus is eternal!

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